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Georgia Wedding Videographer
Meet Allison L. Goodman, a Georgia Wedding Videographer.

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Why wedding videography so important? Many anniversaries from now, you’ll want to look back to see how much you’ve grown. Not to mention you’ll want to see yourself in action and reaction!

I’m Allison L. Goodman, a Georgia Wedding Videographer. Having personally experienced the wedding scene just three years ago, I remember how much planning went into the details of my wedding day and the importance of capturing those! I enjoy capturing details and intimate moments between parents and bride/groom, and the bride and groom themselves because those moments will never be experienced in quite the same way as on your wedding day. While capturing the details and intimacy, I pay special attention to the ceremony, because marriage is the whole reason for your wedding day in the first place! I capture the full ceremony and mix in moments from the rest of your wedding day.

Please explore my website, and feel free to give me a call or text at (478) 216-7763 or shoot me an email at! Together let’s capture memories “to love and to cherish.”

Allison L. Goodman                                                                 Boutwell Productions Middle Georgia Videographer As Seen on The Knot

Georgia Expert

I have also filmed in areas outside of the Middle Georgia, including Atlanta and the greater surrounding area, Norcross, Forsyth, and Acworth. I enjoy filming outside of Middle Georgia because I get to travel to cool places, meet different people, and see new sights. Traveling to new places stimulates the mind and gets my creative juices flowing better than anything else (besides caffeine)!

One of my favorite venues is Farley Plantation in Milner, GA up near the High Falls exit of I-75. It lies between Atlanta and Middle Georgia. I have shot there twice, and been in a wedding there once also.

Having grown up in Middle Georgia, I am familiar with most landmarks and wedding venues in the area. I have shot wedding films at Tryphena’s Garden (Fort Valley), Southern Bridle Farms (Fort Valley), Forest Hill Park (Perry), the Terminal Station (Macon), Twin Oaks Farm (Pineview), and various churches. I like shooting in Middle Georgia because it’s close to home, and I end up seeing someone I know at every wedding!

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