The Ally and Andy Show: The News Reinvented

Of all of my accomplishments in college, I think the funnest (yes, that’s a word; I looked it up) project has been The Ally and Andy Show.  A², as its logo identifies it, reflects my personality more than any other projects.  The show makes news fun and interesting, where often news is boring and impersonal.

We have Andrew Goodman, or Andy as he is known in the show, to thank for such creative titles and wonderful editing!

The Ally and Andy Show in part contributed to my receiving of the Student Leadership Award for MSC-TV at honors convocation this month.  The show also received the Best Show Award at the Greenway Ceremony (MSC-TV’s Grammy Award Ceremony).  Thanks, Mark Hazen, Dr. Brennan, Dr. Sidore, and Katherine Tippins!

Episode 1 Bingo Bout

Episode 2 Snack Attack

Episode 3 Time Tact

Episode 4 Halloween Hocus

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