Katy + Lance Barkley’s Wedding Highlight Film

I shot my first highlight wedding video about a mimg_8742onth ago. It was the ceremony of Katy and Lance Barkley. #barkleytobe

It was a fine day. It started out cool and warmed up to a nice comfortable temperature in the 60s. Clear skies, a nice breeze (and plenty of dust to go with it thanks to the crazy dry spell).

When I arrived I spoke with Katy and told her the rundown of the next 30 minutes of the day, and immediately set about getting shots of the venue. This venue was special, it was a house and a farm that had been in the family for over a century. There was an antique gas pump, an old John Deer tractor, a century old house img_8765still in good and working order, and a lake which served as the backdrop for the ceremony.

I loved that there was plenty of natural light in the house where the bride and the groom were getting ready. I didn’t have to turn on any lights which is great because natural lighting makes for the best and most beautiful shots, particularly of people.img_8841

There was still a touch of color in the leaves that were left on the trees, and with the clear blue skies made for gorgeous first look shots (particularly with the bokeh from my 50-75mm lens). The first look was by far my favorite part as the groom’s reaction was priceless! When Lance turned around, he let out an emphatic “Woo!” with a facial expression that betrayed him – he liked what he saw.

The ceremony was simple and sweet, yet broken up by several laughs at comical relief. I loved how Katy gave a red rose to her mother on the way down the aisle, then another to her mother-in-law on the way back up the aisle during the recessional. It was a sweet gesture of love that spoke volumes of her loving, caring, and thoughtful personality.

img_8827Throughout the day I used a stabilizer for the first time. I recently bought a Roxant Pro (Midnight Black Limited Edition) to use
specifically for wedding shoots. I LOVE it! My shots are much more stable than with my steadicam (which doesn’t fit quite right since I’m so small), and I can guide the camera through controlled pans, both vertical and horizontal (not so with the steadicam). The only limitation is that I cannot tilt with the stabilizer. I must freehand or use a tripod with a movable head. Even so, I declare that my stabilizer is my favorite piece of equipment now, beside my cameras of course!
But I lapse into pro talk, less talking more watching!  Here’s the final highlight wedding video! You can also view my highlight wedding video on my YouTube Channel, Facebook, or on the Knot!

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