Magic Hour Love

Daniel + Caroline Wedding Highlight Film

October 14 was a pleasant fall day to have a wedding this year. After walking in and saying “hi” to the bride and groom, I began shooting.  The first thing I came across sent a big smile across my face! The bridesmaids were playing Barbies with the flower girls! They had a big box of Read More

ASP ModSquad Fall Shoot

Rustic Setting Suits ASP ModSquad Fall Shoot: Senior Videography

It was a blustery day in the pecan orchard (sound familiar Winnie-the-Pooh fans?) at the rustic Wedding Barn at L’Horne.  The shots in my video are taken are taken at the Old Barn at the venue. This is the barn original to the property from the 1800s. You can’t go in, but it’s perfecto as Read More

Flowers, the Language of Love

Wedding Detail Shots Highlight Film

Detail Shots in General Detail shots are some of our favorite shots at Boutwell Productions.  Each of us at Boutwell Productions share a strength of c apturing detail shots, and each of us bring a different viewpoint to these essentials images.   Often times, as the editor, I find it difficult to decide which shooter’s detail Read More


John + Michala’s Simple Wedding Highlight Film – the Past Remembered

Simple and intimate are the two words that I would use to describe John and Michala’s wedding. This simple wedding consisted of family and close friends gathered together in a white Southern country chapel at Forest Hill Park in Perry, GA. Not only were family and friends present, but passed relatives were remembered as well. Read More

Anna and I at the Wedding Barn at L'Horne in Byron, GA

Tour de L’Horne: Wedding Barn at L’Horne Virtual Tour

This summer I’ve had the great opportunity to work with Anna, Jim, and Jeremy Ottinger at the Wedding Barn at L’Horne. What started out as an informal partnership blossomed into a friendship. We see each other at Rising Tides Society meetings in addition to weddings that I film at their venue! It all began when Read More

Flowers, the Language of Love

Jay + Ryan Lawler Wedding Highlight Film

There are those people you meet in life who just make you smile. Ryan Lawler is one of those people. I’ve only gotten to know her a little bit in the last month or so, but she has made me feel warm, accepted, welcomed, important, and encouraged. I truly felt that it was an honor Read More

Allison and Andrew Goodman with newlyweds Mike and Megan Reid

Megan + Mike Romantic Church Wedding Ceremony

When I was in high school one of my older sisters sometimes invited me to come hang out with her and her friends. Being in high school, I felt privileged! I got to hang out with the cool college kids –  at a prestigious university nonetheless! Fast forward 9 years and one of those “cool kids” Read More