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Allison L. Boutwell
Photo Courtesy: Joy Goodman

Hello, and welcome to Boutwell Productions!
Boutwell Productions is an emerging wedding videography business. It exists to suit your videography needs on your wedding day.  I shoot cinematic-style with emphasis on the ceremony and the special people in your lives.

About Me

My name is Allison.  I have a Bachelor of Science in New Media and Communication.  After college I worked at two different local television stations.  I married my best friend and the love of my life in 2013, and we gave birth to our little girl in 2014.  Now in 2015, I am again pursuing my career in a way more suited to family life.  Thus, Boutwell Productions is born!

Wedding Videography

It’s one of my favorite things to film!  I have filmed and edited several weddings.  I have also directed, filmed, and/or edited a couple of documentaries and documentary-interviews.  I have a studio set up in my home in which I conduct interviews with Bride and Groom separately before the wedding day, and I include your words in your wedding video.  It is all about you, your thoughts, your ceremony, your party, your relationships.

To learn more about my process check out my FAQ (coming soon).


So I’ve heard the complaints before, and even said them myself when I was planning my wedding: wedding videography is “too expensive,” “not high on my priority list,” “comes second to pictures, and I’d rather have pictures,” “had to be cut because of budget constraints.”  This list goes on.  Yes!  I know.  That’s why I am here.  I provide affordable wedding videography (“well, every company says that”); just check out my price list.  You’ve heard the term bargaining before, right?  My prices aren’t set in stone; talk to me, and I’ll work with your budget as best as I can.


Please explore the site, and email me at for a quote, or call me at (478) 216-7763.  I look forward to hearing from you and to making your wedding video a reality.

With excitement,
Allison L. Goodman
Owner, Boutwell Productions

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