Boutwell Productions Commercial

As you may have already noticed, I have added a commercial to my About page.  I created this video in the second video class I have ever taken, so it is one of my earliest videos.  

I created the music and the letterhead found within the video.  I chose a simple pattern for the music because the most memorable jingles are simple.  Take the Intel jingle for example: bum, bum-bum-bum, bum!  5 notes.

I wanted to make this video different from all the other local commercials you see in the Middle-GA area because many are really…well, dumb…to be quite frank.  Whether I have succeeded in raising the bar is questionable.  It was my first commercial. 

After watching it again, I would have used better lighting and off-camera sound.  Additionally, I would include some self-made animations and graphics.  Oftentimes animations look much better for commercials than actual footage.  The Boutwell Productions text looks amateurish, the letterhead is hard to read, and the videography isn’t quite right.  Not to mention the commercial is boring.  The viewers don’t even meet “Miss Boutwell.”



2 thoughts on “Boutwell Productions Commercial

  1. I guess great minds think alike, Allison. I am working on my commercial for my website as we I love yours…it fitted your personality. Sweet, simple, and trusting.
    It is your first attempt, so it will get better at in time. Proud of you!

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