Highlight Wedding Video of Brandon + Noelle Hall using a New Color Grade

A sunny afternoon shined upon the nuptials of Brandon and Noelle Hall at Mikado Baptist Church in Macon, GA. The happy couple were accompanied down the aisle by Noelle’s son, Caleb. Their highlight video reflects the simplicity of the ceremony and the oneness of the newly-formed family.

Caleb and Brandon matched in green checked gingham shirts and solid-colored vests while Noelle dazzled the assembled crowd with a cream dress made of a unique style of lace. The homemade flower arrangement in her hair seemed to symbolize the inner beauty of her kind-hearted spirit.

During the ceremony, the officiant spoke of the right hand symbolizing strength. According to him, this is the reason why her father places the bride’s hand into the groom’s right hand.

Later, little Caleb entertainingly supplied the rings (and a puppy plush). His interruption at one point only added to the air of love in the room as his Mommy reached down and accepted his hug in the middle of her vows and his new Daddy acknowledged him with a gentle instruction.

I hope you enjoy this new highlight video and that you feel the love that was in the air that day. I tried a new gradient for this film, furthering the rustic feel of the ceremony.

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