Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat Invitations

Cat in the Hat Birthday Invitation

Cat in the Hat Birthday Invitation

A New Project

I love doing new media projects, particularly if they are for family or close friends.  So, when my oldest sister asked me to make a Cat in the Hat 1st Birthday invitation for my niece, I was super excited!  (Hopefully I won’t get sued for the graphics and words I found on the internet!)

External Inspiration

The following links, provided by my sister, initiated my creativity.  May this count as credit to those who came up with the wording!  Special thanks also to the people from whom I downloaded and Photoshopped Red Fish, Yellow Fish, and Cat in the Hat!


My sister and I went shopping for the party to help me get some ideas for the invitations.  She already had the stickers and told me she preferred the bright red and vibrant turquoise colors.  She also liked a striped theme.  As we were looking at store invitations, I saw one that had horizontal stripes with circles containing the text.  I really liked that idea, so I created a version of my own with my own design and colors.  I was going for whimsical diagonal stripes (not boring, horizontal, unnoticeable stripes).  While keeping with my sister’s color choices, I thought back to The Cat in the Hat when the characters spilled the fish bowl.  I wanted the circles on the invitations to be like bubbles.  My sister was also looking to have the “one fish, two fish” characters included on the invitation.  I made them an integral part of it…


Red fish points to the first bubble the viewer is supposed to read.  Yellow fish leads the eye to the next bubble, and Cat in the Hat clearly says “Don’t forget to RSVP!”  The bottom text often gets overlooked, but Cat in the Hat draws attention to it.

The overlapping of the characters with the bubbles, but clearly beneath the text, adds to the design.  It’s good to be bold and daring.  Overlapping is good!  Also notice my clear left alignment.  While the text is slightly whimsically place and not in the same place in each bubble, it works because there is always a left alignment.  Besides, if an invite is going to be whimsical, you’ve got to CLAIM whimsical!  Along the same lines, notice how the bubbles bleed off the page?  Everything doesn’t have to be aligned the same way!  It actually looks more professional if elements bleed off, or for instance, don’t cover up all the white as the middle bubble illustrates (Thanks, Jen, for teaching me that!).

Final Note

One thing that I love about designing invitations and other graphics is that you apply what you already know, but you learn even more about design each time.

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  1. WOuld you be interested in emailing me the file so I can use for my son’s first birthday? I’ll pay a reasonable fee.

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