Daniel + Holli Romantic Second Wedding Teaser Highlight Video

Holli holds her wedding dress, showing it to her entourage.
The junior bridesmaid, also the bride's step-daughter in this second wedding holds her bridal white bouquet.
The junior bridesmaid holds her flower bouquet with her grandmother’s hands lovingly draped around her small hands.

The day dawned bright and cool. The Library Ballroom is truly a romantic place to get married for small weddings, such as this one for a second marriage and second wedding. As I’ve been editing I keep thinking of how much this place reminds me of the castle in Beauty and the Beast. Refracting light from the stained glass windows dances across antique books decorating the sills. The large hardwood staircases are covered in a majestic dark burgundy carpet. Original architectural detail from the 1800s adorns every nook, cranny, and obvious place you see.

On this special wedding day as I entered the bridal suite, I was enveloped in wonderful soft Northern light and quietly rejoiced as this is the best light for photography and videography! There was a round alcove in the corner. Photographer Elle Puckett and I moved the furniture out of the alcove for photos and video. We set up the mirror to reflect the light to gain the maximum amount of natural light possible. It was nice working with Elle again. She is so easy-going.

Holli holds her wedding dress, showing it to her entourage at the Library Ballroom in Macon, GA
Holli wowed her groom and guests in her gorgeous wedding dress and luxurious jewelry.

Bride Holli was “smokin’!” as her son exclaimed when he saw her after bridal prep. Her sparkling headband shone like a tiara which accented the beautiful sequins in her high-end elegant wedding dress. The scoop neck flattered Holli’s collar bones and drew due attention to the three-strand pearl necklace Groom Daniel surprised her with as a wedding present!

Daniel wore a nice blue suit adorned with a bridal-white corsage that matched Holli’s bouquet. All of the flowers were white, and some of them had a touch of beige or rose pink in the center which just enhanced the bridal look even more. The bridesmaid’s taupe and mauve dresses were subtle colors that didn’t detract from the bride, groom, or flowers. All the colors were very bridal in nature which aided in the romantic look of the wedding.

Since this wedding was a second wedding, there were some small intimate differences than for first weddings. I could tell that all of the guests were very close and long-time friends and family of the bride and groom. Everyone was all smiles as two families blended to create one beautiful family joined by love. As I watched throughout the day, I couldn’t tell which kids were Holli’s and which ones were Daniel’s because Holli and Daniel treated all of them the same. I thought “what a beautiful picture of love!” I got the vibe that the wedding was not just for Holli and Daniel, but for the kids too. The children stood as the bridal party from junior bridesmaid and junior groomsmen, to flower girl and ring bearer. I loved the intimacy of the wedding.

Check out the teaser below and comment with your thoughts!

Second Wedding Teaser Film


Allison L. Goodman stands for a photo with bride Holli and Groom Daniel at their wedding at the Library Ballroom in Macon, GA.
Allison L. Goodman stands for a photo with bride Holli and Groom Daniel at their wedding at the Library Ballroom in Macon, GA.

Venue: The Library Ballroom

Photographer: Elle Puckett Photography


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