MSC-TV Demo Reel

Today I completed my MSC-TV demo reel.  I’ve been applying for different types of jobs, but one of those types is local TV news jobs.  As part of the application, I was instructed to include a demo reel.  This is my first demo reel, so please don’t be too harsh.  😉  I’m not sure if the news sting is too cheesy or old-fashioned, but I’ve included it anyway.

Since I’ve mentioned the music, I obtain almost all of my music from Incompetech, a website with free royalty-free music by Kevin McLeod.  The music isn’t cheesy or dinky.  A lot, if not most, of it is played using real instruments.  The quality of the music and the recording are outstanding!  Incompetech utilizes a Creative Commons License.  You can use the music without obtaining permission, share it, adapt it, and even use it for commercial purposes!  All for free!  Special thanks to Kevin McLeod!

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