Deployed, a Boutwell Productions Short Film

Check out my new short film, “Deployed!”  I spent probably around 15 hours just editing this video.  That excludes many hours writing, revising, planning, preparing, and filming.  This was my first time using Final Cut Pro (version X), but more on that to come.

A few factors affected the motivation behind this film.  Knowing that I would be making a short film for my class the following Spring, I wrote a short story over Christmas Break as the basis for my film.  I let the ideas ruminate in my mind for days before I wrote the short story — this is my thinking stage.  After that, I began planning scenes in my mind — important scenes that would get 8 months of time across in 10 minutes.  At first I thought it unfeasible, but my NMAC 4483 Advanced Production professor, Dr. Brennan, had faith that I could do it, and here’s the finished product!

The thinking stage went on for several weeks, until it was time to actually write the script to turn in for a grade.  I have realized that my products are much better if I think on them a lot before I ever put pen to paper.  This has happened for a previous short story I have written, this film, as well as my infographic — i.e. the products I am most proud of.

I really wanted to present a story about college students since not many films address this demographic.  I also wanted the film to have a Christian undertone, mainly to demonstrate what a realistic Christian life looks like, not some happy-clappy, idealistic, and thus unrealistic Christian life.

So here’s the project — the best film or video I have ever made to date!  I’m proud of the way it turned out.  Thank you to all who contributed to the project and helped this film to be a success!

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