Graduation Invitation

grad invite

grad inviteBecause of my Digital Media Studio class and, once again, the help of Robin Williams (a.k.a. my favorite textbook author, EVER), I was able to create my own graduation invitations!

It’s really quite simple.  I took three invitations that I liked from Google Images, and a few ideas of my own, and this is what happened!

Notice the contrast in the big blue bar, as well as the complimentary colors of yellow/gold and blue (also my school colors).  The gray 3D frame surrounding my photo adds emphasis and differentiation, i.e. contrast.  I have a strong right alignment everywhere as well.

Proximity is evident in the image as well.  My personal graduation data are in one area (name, degree, and honors), date and time for graduation are grouped together, and the party info even has a box to segregate it!

The box and the outline around the edge of invitation give it a more professional-quality look to the invite, as does the slight texture in the blue bar and the background.  This is one of my most significant accomplishments (for me) in my field of study!

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