Highlight Video of Emily + Tracey Eubanks

The day started with a cool but quiet breeze, enough to call for a light jacket if you were outside. The sunshine spoke volumes of the happiness that the day had in store. Emily and Tracey, star-crossed lovers for more than 5 years were finally getting married!

Emily’s entourage wore modest, rosy-pink, floor-length dresses with romantic ruching. They complemented Emily’s regally long train and gorgeous sparkles on her bodice.

Tracey sent a package to Emily in the early morning, providing her with her “something old,” a beautiful creme handkerchief, and her “something blue,” a likewise beautiful and glimmering broach – both from Tracey’s side of the family. Tracey also gifted her with amazing diamond earrings as a wedding present and her “something new!”

The guys had fun with some hair gel, and then the first look was upon us!

“Are you ready?” Tracey asked his love who was holding his hand behind a corner.
“I’m ready. Are you ready?” Emily replied.
“Let’s go,” and the two slowly spun around in the most elegant manner still holding hands.

They were just the cutest! Tracey exclaimed with an “Oh, wow!” and the two relished their first moment of the day together. After a quick petition in the prayer room of the church, wedding bells began to ring! Well, church bells chiming the hour anyway.

The father-daughter moment in the hallway before the traditional walk down the long church aisle was special. (You’ll see a short clip of the moment in the video below.) Then a most graceful walk down the aisle ensued. Emily is such a graceful woman! She practically glided down that aisle!

After the ceremony, the reception was held in the handsome historic Library Ballroom just one block from the church. The decor on the tables was appropriate and cute. Old library books collected by Emily’s mother were arranged in stacks with a candle on top for a centerpiece.

The flower girl (Emily’s niece) was encircled by nearly all the guests as she danced “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by herself until joined by another little boy. The duo were rewarded with an ovation.

The night ended with a sweet walk through a line of sparklers by the newly-married Mr. and Mrs. Eubanks.

Enjoy the video!

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