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I added a new graphic to my graphics page.  For my Digital Media Studio class tonight we had to create a graphic to serve as an icon.  I enjoy creative writing and have many times thought an icon would be a useful label.  Thus, at first opportunity, I created THE ICON:

Boutwell-IPA 4

I chose purple for the pen not simply because purple is my favorite color but because purple is a color users do not see very often; therefore, it draws attention.  So this icon cannot be mistaken for the generic document icon.  The assignment instructions were to keep it simple and black and white, though we could add a pop of color.

My reasoning for the pen and paper is as follows:
I first thought of the classic blank piece of paper (without lines) with an ink pen, both of which harken back several decades, even a century.  But I thought, this is 2012.  This icon needs to be modern, a new symbol for a task we still do.  (I could have included a word processor, but that’s not very iconic).  So I chose pen and paper.  Everyone still uses a pen and lined paper.

You can take my icon and use it as your own, just tell people I made it if they ask, please.  Once I learn how to actually make it an icon, I’ll post those instructions in my next blog entry.

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