Jay + Ryan Lawler Wedding Highlight Film

There are those people you meet in life who just make you smile. Ryan Lawler is one of those people. I’ve only gotten to know her a little bit in the last month or so, but she has made me feel warm, accepted, welcomed, important, and encouraged. I truly felt that it was an honor to film her and Jay’s modern wedding. And I wasn’t the only one there who felt this way. One of her professors/employer’s delivered an exceptional toast which exemplified this couple’s caring attitude.

This was my first “modern” wedding being from a more suburban/rural area where barn weddings are the norm. The location was AWESOME – Studio 887 in Atlanta, GA. The venue was a historic building with a modern twist. It had exposed brick and ventilation, historic windows, a modern bar, an open buffet, and a loft. It’s an incredible venue for a small wedding of 50 people or fewer.

Ryan was gorgeous. She wore a white, organza ball-gown-style wedding dress with star-bright, sparkly, gold heels. Jay wore a handsome navy tux with a white shirt and vest and a simple boutonniere. What I loved about the bridal party was the different shades of purple that each bridesmaid wore. The bridesmaids dresses were different styles and different shades of purple. The cloudy day  and natural light from the big windows really brought out the colors in the bridal party’s attire. I was so excited to shoot a wedding in this style because it likened to what you see plastered all over the Knot. Their wedding was fit for a magazine!

A very classy cocktail hour took place immediately following the wedding with stuffed fingerling potatoes, shrimp….My mouth is watering just remembering it. An open bar made everyone feel cozy and friendly. Meanwhile I was getting an AWESOME shot of my bride, Ryan, twirling in that luxurious ball gown (see video below). I’m very excited about that shot if you can’t tell (and she is too).

What was very neat about this wedding is the chance to talk to the guests. Jay and Ryan specifically requested that I get a video interview with every single guest. We set up a “Video Guest Book” in the rotunda between the entrance and the ceremony/reception area. I believe that we got interviews with EVERY SINGLE PERSON, and they were totally cool with it when they realized the couple specifically asked for it!

Almost every guest was congenial, conversational, easy to talk to, and had a heart as golden as Ryan’s. I could very easily see where she received such a wonderful personality.

Everywhere I turned, it was beautiful. There were honestly no ugly shots! No trash cans to avoid, no ugly walls, no strange looking…anything! While I was still at the wedding I was thinking “I can’t wait to get to the office and edit this!!!”  So without further ado, Jay and Ryan’s wedding highlight film!


Venue:  Studio 887, Atlanta, GA
Catering: Bold American, Atlanta, GA

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