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I worked at MSC-TV for over a year.  I have experience with reporting, anchoring, script writing, co-hosting and co-producing (The Ally and Andy Show), as well as editing.  My best reports, broadcasts, and shows are included here.  Unless otherwise noted, my partner edited the videos.

The first video is a demo reel of my report writing, reporting, and editing skills alone, excluding broadcasts and The Ally and Andy Show.


Spring Garden Symposium 2011

Tunes ‘n Balloons 2011

Ice Cream Social 2011 (edited by Allison L. Boutwell)

Bartram Trail Conference 2011

Spring Garden Symposium 2012 (edited by Allison L. Boutwell)


This is hands-down the best broadcast we’ve done.

The Ally and Andy Show

The Ally and Andy Show episode 1

The Ally and Andy Show episode4

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