My WRWR-TV38 Experience

5 Day Outlook

Two days ago, I was laid off from my job as Creative Director at WRWR-TV38, the Patriot, due to budget cuts.  I have already begun applying for jobs, and I will be updating my website over the course of this week and weekend.  The next several blog posts will consist of projects that I deem worthy of note.

I worked at WRWR-TV38, the Patriot, for nearly 8 months to the day.  It was my first “real” job and one that gave me unique experiences and much education.  While I had my foot in both worlds, I worked mainly in the fields of advertising and creative, behind-the-scenes work, but also in news.

Behind-the-Scenes: Creative Director

As Creative Director, I enjoyed a vast array assignments.  I shot and edited several introssports promos, station promos, and a few commercials.  Two commercials were for the Flint Appliance Center in Warner Robins, and another one was for Econ-o-Cut Landscaping.

A very unique assignment I received was to create the main intro, credits, and segment intros for a new show called “Sports Wrap with Leland Ragin.”  The main intro is a significant accomplishment for me, as I will discuss in my next post.

5 Day OutlookGraphic design was also a part of my job.  When I acquired the additional responsibilities of weather forecasting in December 2012, I created and maintained the weather graphics.

News: Weather Forecaster and News Substitute

In the news aspect of my experiences, I delivered the weather forecast on a daily basis.   I will be posting some of my weather forecasts on a new page soon.  Moreover, I served as a substitute Anchor and Reporter.  I have edited VOs, shot  SOTs, recorded stand-ups, and edited all of the above.  Samples of these will also be available on a new page soon.

Please stay tuned for updates, and while you are waiting, check out my YouTube page which hosts all of the videos I will be blogging about and more.

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