My portfolio holds my best works in the fields of video, images (graphics and photos), and news (newspaper and television).


The videos portion contains examples of footage and animation.  I wrote and directed “Deployed,” and “Love Never Fails.”  Additionally, I did most of the planning, directing, and planning for the “The Day Independence Came.”  Other videos are also included.


My Image section displays my graphics and my photos.  I created most of the graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator, but I used GIMP some as well.  Some of my videos include graphics created in the former two programs.  The Kingdom Kids logo is for children’s ministry at Second Baptist Church.  My photography is completely of nature, at this point, because nature is my favorite subject and the topic with which I am most creative.


Additionally, I have worked with news aspects of Macon State College: the newspaper, The Macon Statement; and the closed-circuit television station, MSC-TV.  I have included example broadcasts, my best reports, and the Ally and Andy comedy-news show.  I have written broadcast scripts, edited reports, and directed broadcasts and my cameraman.  The Ally and Andy show presents my best work, because it is the most creative.  However, the Bartram Trail Conference report is my best report overall.  I wish that I could claim the editing.

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