My Summer Internship, Part 1

My summer internship at Second Baptist Church marked the beginning of my exponential growth as a video creator and editor.  During this internship, which lasted a period of 9 weeks, I created 3 videos and ran a portion of the website.  That doesn’t sound like a lot does it?  Well, it was a learning experience.

I started with 2 projects:

(1) This Land is Your Land                                                        (2) This Land is Your Land Kids.

The former was for the adult church service, the other was for the children’s church service on Independence Day weekend.  These projects were a great learning experience.  Finding good pictures was the most time-consuming part of these projects.  I put the first video together and realized there may be copyright issues because I was using professional photos retrieved via Google Images.  To be ethical, to uphold my Christian values of honesty, integrity, and obedience to the law and thus to God, and to maintain the church’s reputation, I contacted the U.S. Copyright Office to make sure that what I was doing was legal.  It wasn’t.  Therefore, I had to re-do the whole video and find all new pictures which, as you can see, were numerous.  Finishing these videos therefore took me a month, and I was very relieved when they were completed.

(I found this great website, morgueFile, which offers free copyright-free photos available for download and use.  You can even modify the photos, and attribution is not required, according to the license.  This is the freest form of media use on the planet.)

At that point, I began work on the Ukraine blog on the church website.  My job was to keep it up-to-date by uploading photos and including captions and important news.  I can claim credit for all the work except for the main page of the blog (and most of the pictures).

I took some of the pictures on the day that the first team was leaving.  The rest of the photos I borrowed (with permission) from the SBCWR Upward Facebook page where the Ukraine teams were posting.  I included narrative (paraphrased from Facebook) with the photos.

Next post, I’ll talk about the Adventures in Odyssey movie, which was also part of my internship!


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