My Summer Internship, Part 2

During my Summer 2011 internship at Second Baptist Church, I had the wonderful opportunity to make a video out of an Adventures in Odyssey radio episode called “The Day Independence Came.”  This was the first time I had to acquire a license for filming a pre-existent script, and it was fun to learn the process of obtaining permission, signing the documents, etc.  I had to do that for the music too.

I directed about 85% of the film, edited 80% of it, and did a little camera work (mostly directing).  All of this was done in collaboration with my coworker, Brooke Hering, and my cameraman, Josh Thompson.  This is my first real movie working from script.  This movie taught me how to be a good director — firm and direct, but also forgiving and mild.  This movie also made me realize that my dream job is to be a film director.

Sherwood Pictures is what I look to for inspiration now (see the link in my blogroll).  I love to write stories and scripts that reflect a realistic Christian life and portray the morals or principles that God calls people to live by.  The Adventures in Odyssey movie helped me begin realizing that I love directing films and that writing and directing such stories (as described above) are fun and perhaps a desirable career for me.  We’ll see what God has in store…

Thank you to all who were involved in this film!

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