Thrift Store Formal Videos

The next several posts will be about videos I have done for my church, in descending order of creation.

The first two videos that I made for my church were the Thrift Store Formal commercials for Second Baptist Church.  I received my first video camera for my birthday a few days before the 2011 Thrift Store Formal.  Since I was realizing my love for video about that time, I decided to take my handycamto the event with the intent of making a commercial.  All of the work is free handed because I did not have a tripod at the time.

During that semester I learned to use After Effects.  That May my free trial was still available leftover from taking the class, so I used After Effects for the editing.  In January and February of 2012 I tweaked the video some more, but most of the work was done in May 2011.  Essentially, these were my first church videos, and the best videos I had made to that date.

Thrift Store Formal (00:00:30)

Thrift Store Formal (00:01:00)

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