WfW: Making My Website Functional Part 1

It’s not as easy as you might think.

Yesterday and today, I’ve been working on getting my website functional.  I was having difficulty embedding my Google Calendar.  Embedding it isn’t difficult, but knowing how to make it visible is.  I ended up posting a question on a Google Forum and answering it myself!

If you are having difficulty embedding a video on your website, check the settings.  If you are having trouble getting the calendar to show up, click on the down arrow next to the calendar you are having trouble with.  Click on Calendar Settings.  Then click on Share this Calendar.  Make sure it’s set on Make this calendar public, otherwise nobody visiting your site will be able to see it.  Don’t forget to click Save.

To resize the calendar: Under Embed this Calendar, select Customize the color, size, and other options right above the embed code (it took me a while to find it, even the second time).  You can adjust the various setting in the left hand panel.  Make sure to update the embed code.  Then copy and paste this code under the HTML tab on your website’s post.

2 thoughts on “WfW: Making My Website Functional Part 1

  1. Thank for the comment!Allison ,I was definitely having problem with my website.I guess it take times and patience.But these websites are all work in progress, and so am I.

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