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Detail Shots in General

Several massive, multi-colored stained glass windows separated by statues of the saints - St. Brigid Catholic Church, Johns Creek, GA
Gorgeous stained glass windows at St. Brigid in Johns Creek. Photo by Mandi O’Connor Photography.

Detail shots are some of our favorite shots at Boutwell Productions.  Each of us at Boutwell Productions share a strength of c

apturing detail shots, and each of us bring a different viewpoint to these essentials images.


Often times, as the editor, I find it difficult to decide which shooter’s detail shots to use in the Highlight film! I go back and forth, back and forth, and I finally have to choose one that stands out ever so slightly more than another. It may be better lit, or match the images before and after it better, or perhaps the composition is just a bit more interesting.

Detail Shots from a Johns Creek, GA Wedding

His details include the colors of his vest and tie, a classy white, and white breast pocket kerchief, and a nice white rose boutonniere. Johns Creek, GA Photo by Mandi O'Connor Photography.
The groom’s details include his classy white vest and tie against a black jacket, a white breast pocket kerchief, and a nice white rose boutonniere. Photo by Mandi O’Connor Photography.

Some of our best detail shots came from a wedding Andrew and I shot this fall. Andrew is my husband, my business advisor, and sometimes a second shooter for us. The couple (who wish to remain anonymous for professional reasons) got married the same weekend Andrew and I got married, so we made it into an anniversary trip! We filmed the couple’s wedding, then took a trip to Gibb’s Gardens the next day. Gibb’s Gardens is a favorite day trip spot for me; I totally recommend it! I had a season pass this year, and plan to keep going back! But that’s for another blog. Anyone getting married there?

This Eiffel Tower card holder reserved the couple's table for them at Country Club of the South in Johns Creek, GA. Photo by Mandi O'Connor Photography
This classy gold Eiffel Tower card holder reserved the couple’s table and hinted of their honeymoon location! Photo by Mandi O’Connor Photography.

To continue, this wedding was the best lit wedding we’ve had to date! The wedding was in St. Brigid Catholic Church with decent natural lighting through beautiful stained glass windows. The reception was what got me though! At Country Club of the South, they have this incredible reception area (one of several actually) , but this one stood out because of the windows! The back wall was lined with windows from floor to ceiling, and this wall was the coveted North-facing wall (which provides soft natural lighting, perfecto for pictures and video)! There was no end to beautiful shots inside and out as long as daylight was around, and it was fairly well lit after dark too. Anyone want to invite us back? We’ll go!

Because of this extra-special lighting and the nice neutral-colored walls, carpet, and tablecloths, we got some of the best detail shots ever! The detail highlight film below shows just a few of the many detail shots we got of the day. It doesn’t even include any of the beautiful landscaping outside!

What do you think? What are your favorite shots at a wedding


The beautiful pastel pink and white flowers that adorned every bouquet, boutonierre, and table gave the environment an elegant bridal feel. Photo by Mandi O'Connor Photography. Johns Creek GA.
The flowers seemingly draped across the cake consisted of pastel pink roses, white hydrangeas, and some greenery. Photo by Mandi O’Connor Photography. Johns Creek GA.

Videographer: Boutwell Productions

Photographer: Mandi O’Connor Photography

Locations: Ceremony – St. Brigid Catholic Church, Reception – Country Club of the South

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