The Ultimate Guide: Wedding To Do List

Wedding To Do List plainHaving been through the wedding scene fairly recently, I am familiar with all of the “Must Do,” “Honey Do,” and “Want to Do” lists going through your mind. It gets overwhelming pretty quickly, especially if you’re planning a wedding in less than a year’s time. So I’ve compiled a list of the three tasks you should address first.

× To Do: The Dress

Because dresses must be selected, ordered, and tailored, this is the first task. With hundreds, even thousands, of dresses out there to choose from and because you likely want your special people with you for this momentous decision making process, dress ordering is a very time consuming task. First you have to coordinate your people (they have schedules too). Then you may or may not have to make an appointment with the dress vendor (call ahead and ask). Chances are great that you will make more than one trip to a dress vendor before actually deciding on a dress. Don’t forget you have to be measured by a professional!

Tip: Have multiple professionals take your measurements. You don’t want to order a dress then realize it’s the wrong size. Also, you may have to go up a size if one of your measurements doesn’t fit within the brand’s parameters for your “usual” size. I had to go up a dress size because my shoulders are wider than Allure’s models. On that note…

The next step is waiting for that dress to arrive. It takes about 6 months for a dress to arrive once you order it. Then you will likely have to have it tailored, which takes weeks. Tailors work on multiple projects at the same time. Note: don’t freak out if your tailor takes your dress apart. That’s a good sign she knows what she’s doing.  Add it all together, and your dress could take about 8 months minimum to be ready – that’s provided nothing goes wrong.

My Dress Vendor: Destiny’s Boutique
My Opinion of this Vendor: Very Good

Wedding To Do List first three×To Do: The Venue

Venues book up fast. You can decide on a wedding date and call your preferred venue asking if that date is available, and less than a week later your preferred date will be irrevocably booked with your preferred vendor. The sooner your book with a vendor the better. When I was getting married in 2013, I knew of a couple who had booked that same venue for the Spring of 2015! My venue would book more than a year in advance!

My Venue: Southern Bridle Farms
My Opinion of this Vendor: Very Good

×To Do: The Food (Catering and Cakes)

Ah, the food!  To some guests this is the most important part of the party! A decade ago, couples were expected to have heavy hor’derves or a traditional dinner, and both the bride and the groom had cakes. Nowadays, anything goes. My husband and I chose “breakfast for supper” for our reception, and it cost little more than heavy horderves. I’ve heard of pizza and M and Ms served in lieu of the groom’s cake. The important thing is to taste test. I chose vendors whose food I’d tasted before and absolutely loved. My husband’s cake was made by his 15 year old sister who had experience decorating cakes as a hobby.

My Food Vendors: Tea Party Time Catering, Amber Cleghorn
My Opinion of My Caterer: Excellent
My Opinion of My Cake Baker: Excellent

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