Do I Really Need a Wedding Videographer?

Allison L. Goodman, Georgia Wedding Videographer, gets a shot.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get as a videographer is “Do I need a wedding videographer?”  To be honest it depends on your values and your budget, but I say “yes.”  Why?

Reason #1 Only with Videovideographer at work

You can savor some special moments through video that you cannot capture with photography.  For instance, I have captured brides tearing up during their vows, grooms that have cracked jokes during the ceremony, brides peeking during a prayer.  My personal favorites are the officiant’s speeches and toasts.  As a bride, I wanted to watch my wedding to hear what my officiant said (because o
f course I didn’t remember).  I also remembered looking at him for encouragement to say the next portion of my vows as I was struggling to maintain my composure, and I wanted to see that from the view of an audience member.  Toasts are invaluable to a bride and groom.  No one ever talks so sweetly a person except at a wedding and funeral.  Personally, I’d rather hear those encouraging words while I’m alive! and I’m sure you would too.

Reason #2 Wedding Amnesia

Let’s face it, you’re not going to remember all the little details of your wedding day, even on the day after.  It’s a whirlwind of events. You’ll forget some of the funniest moments even before you reach your honeymoon destination.  You’ll even see things on your wedding video that you never knew happened, like when your mom walked down the aisle with no shoes because she sprained her toe the day of your wedding, or how the unity candle wouldn’t light and how long it truly took you to light it (I’m speaking from personal experience on both of these).  A recent bride and her mother couldn’t remember if the bride walked down the aisle at the precise moment in the song she desired, and they were looking forward to seeing their video for that reason (see Lindsey’s video here).

Reason #3 Posterity, DUH!

You know your kids are going to want to see it!  More than that, you will want to watch it again.  It’s comforting to know you have the video, and when you’re feeling particularly nostalgic it will be on hand.  A friend of mine and her husband watched their wedding video on their one year anniversary. I’m not sure if they made it a yearly tradition, but that wouldn’t be a bad tradition to uphold! Then when your marriage hits a rough spot, watching your wedding video can help you remember how much you loved your spouse on that day and maybe spark a flame to get your relationship burning again.

Allison L. Goodman, Georgia Wedding Videographer, gets a shot.Reason #4 Current and Future Environment

You live in the day and age when everyone wants to record and/or watch a video.  You post videos on Facebook, stream videos from YouTube.  Newspapers even post videos on their websites because they realize that newsprint isn’t enough to maintain their audience, and the Weather Channel airs amateur videos taken on a smart phone. Our culture is video-driven. Imagine what it will be like in a few years when technology has grown by leaps and bounds. You will want a wedding video in a few years not just for posterity sake, but to be up with the times as well.

REASON #5 It’s Economic

Compared to the other big costs normally spent on a wedding day, only photography and videography will last you forever.  Let me ask you a few questions:

How much do you spend on catering (which lasts for one day)?
How much do you spend on a venue (which you have for one day)?
How much do you spend on a wedding dress (which you will probably only wear once, maybe twice)?
How much do you spend on photography (which lasts a lifetime-plus)?
How much do you spend on videography (which lasts a lifetime-plus)?

Wouldn’t you rather work videography into your budget for a video that will last a lifetime and help you remember the small moments you will forget in the haste of the wedding day?


What other reasons can you think of to have your wedding filmed?

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