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Wisdom for Websites

I was recently asked what CMS (Content Management System) I use for this website because my “blog theme” is so different than every other theme the questioner had seen.  The answer is WordPress.  However, there are thousands of themes to choose from.  It’s not necessarily the CMS that directs the theme (though it can, like in my case).

My theme is a free WordPress theme.  But there are many themes that apply across many different platforms.  Below is a list websites that offer themes:

WooThemes (particularly for WordPress)
WordPress (free, particularly for WordPress)

My theme is called Creativix.  If you simply Google the word, it’s the first choice.  The purpose for my website was not simply to have a blog.  All or most themes come with a blog, and for a lot of them the main focus is the blog.  However, I desired a theme where the main focus was not the blog, but the portfolio.  I required a theme that would give me a static main page – a welcoming page, essentially – but also allow me to have a blog.

Something important that you need to know is that there are categories of themes: portfolio themes, commercial themes (online shopping), blog themes, news themes, etc.  What I have on my website is a portfolio theme.  This makes my content and pages the focus of the website rather than the blog, but it allows me to have a blog at the same time.  When searching for themes, there’s often a place to specify or search for certain types of themes.  I’d advise you to search by category first, then clarify further if need be.

That’s all of my Wisdom for Websites for now.  If you have any more questions, please feel free to shoot me an email or post a comment!

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