I worked at WRWR-TV38, a.k.a. the Patriot, from the end of August 2012 to the end of April 2013.  I was very blessed to have obtained my dream job in my hometown within three months of graduating with my degree.  I had the pleasure of doing a variety of work, including but not limited to: promos, intros, and commercials, as well as reports, weather forecasting, and anchoring.

Below you will find what I deem as my best works from the WRWR.  You can find more WRWR work on my YouTube channel.



Mercer Basketball Live Broadcast Promo

Second Newsnight Promo

Todd Wilson “Our Do-It-All Guy” Promo

ESPN 99.9 Promo


Flint Appliances Center Holiday Spot

Econ-o-Cut Commercial


Sports Wrap Intro

RAFB Moments in History Intro (never aired – show was cancelled)

Mercer Basketball Live Broadcast Intro


Weather Demo Reel


Reporting Demo Reel

Doodle for Google Preview

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