WRWR: Flint Appliance Center Commercials

Part of my job as Creative Director at WRWR was to form commercials for WRWR’s advertising clients.  My most notable dealings with a client would be with the Flint Appliance Center, formerly located on S. Houston Lake Road in Warner Robins.  I was instructed to fashion two commercials for this client: one that appealed to the shopping spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and another that was a generic commercial that would run before Thanksgiving.  Todd Wilson recorded the voice over in both commercials.

One peculiarity that you may notice is an excessive amount of green at that bottom of the videos or even what seems like excessively-wide wide shots.  This oddity is because WRWR broadcasts in standard definition, though footage is shot in HD.  Therefore, text and positions of people are confined to a relatively small space in the middle of the video.  This frequently posed a bit of a challenge, but a challenge that I gratefully accepted with a sense of adventure and creativity.

Holiday Commercial

The Holiday version of the Flint Appliance Center Commercial is my favorite version.  I had come to realize by this point that the best animations aren’t always the ones that looked realistic.  Sometimes the simple animations capture your attention more than bigger or realistic-looking ones.  Along the same lines, sometimes big elaborate animations are not appropriate for a particular project.  These were the case in the Flint Appliance Holiday Commercial.

The turkey in this version exudes the principles just stated above.  The client asked for a scroll with the business’s address and “no interest” line with associated disclaimer.  Oftentimes, the eyes are drawn to the video and not to the scroll.  So, I added an animated turkey at the bottom of the screen to really bring about a feeling of holiday spirit in the viewers and to draw attention to the “no interest” line at the bottom.

A couple of holiday-inspired icons were placed within the scroll.  These icons are simply pictures taken from  Morgue File that were cropped and cartoon-ized with different effects from  Photoshop.  Another theme running through this video is the bombastic, spinning star graphic that was implemented in other advertising by the same company around the same time.

The client particularly liked the falling money and gobbling turkey.

Generic Sale Commercial

The generic commercial for the Flint Appliance Center was simple.  The client asked that the commercial be very simple and similar to one that another company had created for him a while back.  In reality, this went for both commercials, but I had a little more liberty with the holiday version.

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