WRWR: Sports Wrap Intro and Credits

Probably the most unique experience that I encountered at WRWR-TV38 was basically building a new show, “Sports Wrap,” from scratch.  While I had no part in the writing of the script, directing, or editing of the show, I used my talents to create the show’s introduction, segment introductions, and credits.

Sports Wrap Intro

The Sports Wrap Intro is one of my proudest accomplishments!  Most of the project is animated from start to finish, including the thumb holding onto the newspaper on the right hand side.  For this project I used Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, and SketchUp (for the background).

I used Adobe InDesign CS6to create the newspaper.  I simply went to Lipsum.com for the lorum ipsum text.  If you are wondering what that is, check it out!  If you ever need placeholder text for a project, Lipsum.com generates Latin text that you can copy and paste into your text boxes.  I also used Adobe Photoshop CS6 to edit the pictures so that they would look grainy like they would on an actual newspaper.

I used Adobe After Effects CS6 the most.  The raising and lowering of the newspaper with the parented thumb is one obvious animation.  I also applied a type of warp to the paper to make it look as if it was actually in the reader’s hands.

Cameras played a huge part in this project as well.  A camera was used to pan across, and zoom into and out of the newspaper.  One was also used in the nested composition which contained the logo flying in.  I implemented the camera to get a 3D effect and cool that-was-close, “flying in” effect.

Sports Wrap Credits

The Sports Wrap Credits were also fun to work with.  Pay attention to the use of typeface and font.  Notice how I paired a large, thin but wide sans serif font in all caps with a small, bold, serif font to give contrast and draw attention to the names.  This design implementation made the text very readable and put the focus on what is really important, the people, not their titles.  At the same time, both are very readable and easy to find.

The background was enjoyable to make.  I simply took a picture from MorgueFile and applied some effects to it in Photoshop.  On a short deadline, this was the way to go.  Morgue File is a copyright-free/royalty-free stock photo website, so no rights were infringed upon in the making of the credits.  I also created the projector in Adobe Illustrator CS6.  This element was included to make the “room” resemble the locker room/classroom where athletes review their most recent game to learn how to make improvements.

In Hindsight

I realized only after I had long completed the project that I could fix the nested logo composition to fit within its parent composition instead of being cut off on the sides as it came flying in.  Additionally, the other component I would change is to make the entire newspaper grainy like the photos.


When 2 groups of boy scouts and one group of elementary students toured WRWR, I showed them the Sports Wrap Intro because I thought it was a good example of my job as Creative Director and one of my best projects.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I felt accomplished after completing it.

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