WfW: YouTube vs. Vimeo

As a professional I am trying to decide between using YouTube and Vimeo.  Boutwell Productions has a presence on both video hosting sites, but each have their pros and cons.

YouTube allows you to post pretty much an infinite number of videos in however short amount of time you wish.  However, as my friend Paul Roadarmel said, YouTube is a place for silly and personal videos; Vimeo has a more professional atmosphere.  Also, as trivial as this may sound, the YouTube logo looks very unprofessional compared to Vimeo’s, so the appearance of the embedded video on my website looks unprofessional.

Vimeo on the other hand has a 500MB limit per week.  That is tiny for video, especially for someone who values quality (like me).  However, like Paul said again, videos don’t have to be huge on the web.  Still, 500MB severely limits the amount of video I can post in a week.  Once this website is complete, that won’t be a problem, but while I’m still building it, I’d like to get more than one video up per week so I can quickly build my content.  But enough said about upload size limitation.  I also like the professionalism of Vimeo’s website, content, and appearance on embedded videos.  There may be fewer Vimeo users, but it does have a more professional taste.

So in summary:



unlimited upload
more populous


less professional embedded appearance
less professional site and content



more professional embedded appearance
more professional site and content
economized video – it limits video size to only what’s necessary


less populous
limited upload


I choose Vimeo, for the obvious reasons just listed and personal preferences.  While my website is in progress, I will have videos from both sources due to Vimeo’s upload limits.  Eventually, all videos will be embedded via Vimeo.  Please pardon the work in progress.

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